Help Others

Okay…so, its Christmas time again! the stores are stocked, the music is playing, and business owners are hoping to sell all that they can within the next week or so to end the year in the black.  With all the distractions its hard to remember to really help others.

This year, I really don’t want anything for Christmas that I can’t get after Christmas or before.  As a business owner we can all use a few new tools, upgrade some depreciated items, and there is always some gadget, service, etc. that can help grow our business.  However, what we really need is to help others.  No matter how great or not so great our situation is, there is always someone less fortunate than us.

As I drive to the office, go shopping, and sun errands I pass at least two-four homeless people that are asking for change or food everyday.  This is not the world that I want to live in.  I really hate to see people go without, but I know that I can’t help everyone.  But I have a solution, if we all help someone else in need for at least this one holiday season we an effect a change that is cataclysmic.

My family and I will be a part of the Winter Emergency, otherwise know as the WE shelter program.  We will cook a dinner for a group of men that are displaced and serve it to them on Friday, December 23, 2011 at 6 pm.  Our meal is designed to feed 12-15 men that stay in this transitional home for four months.  The Faith Step House is just one of the areas in Greensboro, NC that aids people in finding shelter during the holiday season.  This program relies on the help of everyday  citizens to do their part as well as the help of seven local churches and organizations.

I challenge everyone that reads this blog to donate at least $5 to help buy food, clothing, gifts, and toiletries to a charity that helps those who are not in a financial position to help themselves this holiday.  If you would like to donate to the WE Shelter please visit and make a donation of any amount.  I assure you that the funds will be used to make a purchase to help the men at Faith Step have one night with a great meal.  We will share our story with you and allow you to see what one family can do to HELP OTHERS.

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Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Lady Bizness, Inc.

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