More / Less / Going Well

If you noticed, I have been writing consistently for a couple of days now.  I really took the time to think about the things that I wanted to change about myself that can make my business run more efficiently.  One thing was to blog more, but the overriding theme for me was to be more consistent.

When we evaluate what is right and wrong with our systems we should look at how we treat ourselves and our business.  Your personal health and business health go hand in hand if you are a small businesss. If you are not well mentally, physically, spirtually, or financially the business suffers to. To combat the ills of the world we must take a look at what we can improve upon.

Make a list of at least 5-10 things that you want to do more of, less of, and then things that are going well.  Once you have your three lists see what you need to do to make the changes.  I will share my list with you.

More of

  • Blogging
  • Reading
  • Information Searches
  • Marketing
  • Webinars

Less of

  • Sleeping
  • Putting things off until the next day
  • Waiting to exercise (lets be real, I’m not exercising at all)
  • Scheduling meetings back to back
  • Putting off paperwork (receipt filling)

Going Well

  • Organization
  • Event Management
  • Scheduling Classes
  • Attending Socially Enhancing Meetings
  • Joining worthwhile groups

I’m sure that your list will be different, but you have some things that can fit into each of these areas.  The key is to look at the Less column and reduce or delete these items completely.  If you can do that then you should reduce your stress level while increasing your satisfaction level.  Your body and your business will thank you.  Share your thoughts on this with me and your other groups and know that “BIG results require BIG ambitions.”

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