What gift are you going to give your Business?

With the holidays approaching, advertisements all over the place, Christmas lists, Secret Santa’s, Kwanzaa, holiday parties, and New Years is inevitably right around the corner; I was thinking about what I really need. I can always use shoes and clothing, great bath products make me feel great, but what really want for Christmas is a thriving business.

It may sound silly, but my goal is to have all my 2012 events mapped out, publicized, sponsored, and well attended. That is my true Christmas wish. I think that as business owners we need to spend less time looking to suit the needs of random gift giving, and the over-compensation of guilty gift giving. I have opted out of participating in the annual family “Secret Santa” this year because have more things to focus on. Instead of spending $20 on a gift that people expect to get anyway, let me take that same $20 and invest in new marketing material, ads on social media profiles, increasing my website’s bandwidth, and so on.

So my challenge to all the business owners out there is to treat your business to something new. Not only will this be a tax write off, but it will also give you a sense of real accomplishment as you have taken one important thing off the list.

Suggestions for your those already in Business:
A new computer or laptop
Upgrade your cell phone
Get new business cards
Get new photos & head-shots
Advertise in your local paper
Buy new supplies
Get that expensive “thing” you’ve been putting off
Invest in a commercial
Update your software
Purchase Quickbooks or another money management software

Suggestions for those thinking about starting a business:
Get a website
Buy your domain name
Get a logo
Buy business plan software
Pay for a vendor/exhibition fee for next year & begin preparing
Buy supplies
Buy a camera

There are more than enough ideas and supplies that you need as a business owner.  However, if we invested as much time into our business as we did gifts that we really don’t need to purchase then we would be better off. Start the new year with something of value being added to your bottom line and give your business a gift.

Remember to Show Up & Show Out with you Social Media

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

CEO of Lady Bizness, Inc.

The Social Media Concierge

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