What’s Important for a Business Expo?

I was researching the Internet for my upcoming Bizness Branding Summit that will be held Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC.  The Summit is an opportunity for great speakers and successful business owners to enhance their marketing, branding, and overall style.

Business owners, especially small business owners are in dire need of the most affordable solutions to make their dollar stretch as far as possible. Therefore, expos and summits such as the Bizness Branding Summit can create an atmosphere of excitement and foster development.  Not to mention, the opportunity to share your business and vision with others.

There are many aspects that can be covered in such an event, but I am most curious about what others think is valuable.  So, I am including a listing of possible topics based on the Connecticut Business Expo,as their list was quite comprehensive.

Below is the listing.  So take a look and tell me the top three items that would benefit your business. Make sure you share this article and subscribe to the blog!

  1. Effective Networking
  2. Preparing for the Cold Call
  3. How to Reach and Sell to Top Decision Makers
  4. How to Turn Prospects into Clients
  5. Effective Presentations
  6. Sales for Non-Sales People
  7. Strategies for Solution Based Selling
  8. The Power of Email Marketing
  9. Measuring Marketing ROI
  10. Methods of Being Found on the Internet/Search Engine Optimization
  11. Social Media Strategies
  12. Why Your Website is Killing Your Business
  13. Cutting Edge Marketing Strategy
  14. Social Media Marketing Made Simple
  15. Leveraging Your Unused Technology –  Getting the Most Out of What You Have
  16. Getting into Your Customers Pocket with Mobile Marketing
  17. Mobile Technology Showcase
  18. Keeping Your Data Safe – Security & Legal Issues
  19. Going Paperless (Building a Remote Office)
  20. Cloud Technology
  21. Upgrade Decisions & Improving Efficiency Through Technology
  22. Business Owner Round Table
  23. Business Planning
  24. Financial Statements & Budgets for Non-Financial People
  25. Building a World Class Team
  26. Entrepreneurship; Establishing a Path to Success
  27. Time Management: Your Personal Success Plan
  28. Leadership and Delegation Skills

Remember to Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media


Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA


3 thoughts on “What’s Important for a Business Expo?

    • Thanks so much Donna. I think that mobile marketing is going to skyrocket in the near future so its important to get customer information to build a database. That is why Groupon and Living Social are such successful vehicle because they have the customer’s that want deals through their phones and online.

      Buidling a team is very important because harnessing the power of many for one common goal is priceless. You just have to remember to choose wisely. One book I read, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill helped me to udnerstand the importance of not knowing everything, but having a solid team that is good at what you’re not! You don’t have to be a know it all, but you need to have a team of know it alls!

      And, finally, data safety is important on so many levels. Confidentiality of your information is something to consider when hiring and allowing volunteers to be among your flock. Trademarking your business name, logo, and brand are all important factors to consider in the realm of data safety.

      Thanks for your reply and share the blog with your friends!

      You can also join my fan page on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/SocialMediaConcierge for more weekly business branding and building tips.


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