Consistent & Persistent Branding

If you haven’t put your business on,,,,, and a host of other free business listing sites; what are you waiting for? The more publicity and consistency that you show with your business the more people will know you and your brand.

Ask yourself these questions to help define your brand: 

1. Do you have a tag line that stands out & is easy to remember?

2. Are your colors defined and make sense for your business type?

3. Do you have a “real” logo that says something about your business?

4. Do you publicize your business on your footer in your email?

5. Do you have your business listed under your personal profile?

6. Do you have a Fan Page on Facebook?

7. Do you have a website and not just a Facebook Page?

8. Do you have a personal and business profile on LinkedIn?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then take the time to rectify the situation at hand.  Make sure your business is remembered. Make sure that whatever genre your business falls under, people will recommend you.  Make sure you are consistent and persistent.

 Remember to Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media

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Lady Bizness
"Show Up & Show Out"

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Lady Bizness, Inc. CEO 

The Social Media Concierge

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