Collaborative Workforce

There are plenty of people out there that do something similar to what you do.  This is the nature of business! But, what we have to do is differentiate ourselves from those that do not do work that is on par with our level.  Then we need to seek those that do work which is above our level to provide ourselves with motivation.  The tricky thing is to align ourselves with those that do what we do in some complimentary way that will allow us to work together in a cooperative manner.

I am suggesting that we lay down our pride and work with someone instead of making them a competitor.  That is not to say that they will always be a partner, but the odds are that the good energy that is put forth will be reciprocated.  Someone has connections that you don’t.  Someone has an idea that will work for your business. You have all the tools you need, but a helping hand in the workforce can make your job that much easier.  My goal is to seek out individuals that provide quality service, products, etc. that understand the value of working together.

One of my older blog posts was on bartering for services.  I believe that this can be a great practice if it is leveraged properly and the relationship does not wear either party out.  However, the real goal of business is to make money.  Therefore, taking a little more time and effort to collaborate, give and take, and “listen” to someone’s voice other than your own can shine a light on prosperity.  But, take this post to be a serious effort to sign meaningful contracts with guidelines, scope of work, and limitations.  Make sure that you and your collaborators keep your identity but put forth a greater effort to service your clients and meet everyone’s needs.

Suggestions to make this Collaborative Workforce really work:

-Communicate weekly

-Be on time for meetings

-Respect each other’s ideas

-Use contacts that suit both parties

-Sign Contracts

-Record Meetings for reference points

-Keep all copies of correspondence (email, notes text messages, etc.)

-Check their references with previous clients

-View their work style

-Take a Jungian Personality test

-Secret shop them with a friend or relative to get a “vibe”

-Be honest on expectations and what you can provide

-Create a realistic calendar and stick to it

Let me know what you think about the concept and if this has or has not worked for you?

Thanks for letting me shine a little light on your day.

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