The Art of Saying No

No is hard for some people to Say No to Yessay.  But we have to get over our fear of giving rejection.  We want to say no in a gentle way that lets others know we still care about them.  We should be mindful of our tone, the situation, and the person or organization that is asking us to do something.  Often time we find ourselves feeling obligated because of a family member, friend, or affiliation.  However, we must realize that we have 24 hours in each day that must be divided in the most effective way.
Today, I will discuss two types of individuals that I feel fit the category for most of us.  “The Art of Saying No” lies in the alternatives that you use and the solutions that you provide.
These are people who want to be seen in a certain light by others.  They will often volunteer, knowing that they have too much on their plate. The result can often be regret, as some of the duties they take on because they were not really interested to begin with.  Perceivers want to be seen as willing and polite. However, Perceivers need alternatives to let themselves and others down easy.
Alternative phrases to use are:
·         I am not able to commit at this time
·         I know someone who would be able to help you since I will be unavailable
·         What I can do for you is _______
·         Thank you for the offer, but I have another obligation
·         I think that I would do a great job at _____, however there is a better choice
This is the person that is always there with a helping hand.  The over-committer never says no because they always “want” to help.  Over-committers often face: Fatigue / Stress / Loneliness
People would be considerate of your time and needs and vice versus.
·         Before saying yes, advise that you will need to check your schedule and get back with them.
·         Be considerate of other people’s time and needs.  Set a timeframe for response.
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