Bartering for Business

Bartering is something that we overlook in today’s society. We want our businesses to be successful but we often devalue the opportunities that come with bartering our services.  This is not a post that advocates giving away your services for free, but rather collaborating for value added services.

Every small business owner needs more cash, but it’s not always readily available.  Before thinking about bartering see what you have to offer and price your services at a reasonable rate.  Take time to consider the needs of the person or business that you are interested in bartering with.  Once you have acquired knowledge about the other person’s needs then see if they are willing to trade services.  Reach out to local marketing or design consultants and offer your services in return for a brochure, website work, photography, etc. 

Most small businesses will be willing to barter if the value is there for them.  Don’t get your feelings hurt if they are not interested in your product or services, because they may not need them at a given time.  However, there are still opportunities and possible collaborations that can exist between your business and the one whose services you wish to contract.  Each of you can provide leads for each other, recommend services, and work on future endeavours. 

When you decide to barter make sure that you have a contract that illustrates timeframes, value, and scope of work.  Each of these is important because, even if you are bartering each of you is still a client of the other.  Treat the bartering business as you would you’re paying clients and respect their time, brand, and services. 

Barter for Business

Let us know if you have had any bad or good experiences bartering.  Also, if you are interested in acquiring new clients through bartering reply by posting a link to your website or Facebook fan page.

Lady Bizness is willing to barter marketing services and social media classes for venue space and some printing services.

Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media,


Yours Truly Lady Bizness

One thought on “Bartering for Business

  1. Great article! I think more people should know about business bartering. I’ve been doing it myself for some time now in my restaurant business and I love it. Capacity is used so much more efficient and I get valuable stuff and services back like accounting services and new tables and chairs. I used for finding businesses to barter with. It really worked out for me.

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