Meet NATE!

Have you met NATE?  If you are a business owner that wants to stay in the know, then you must meet NATE as soon as possible.  You already know him, but does he look the same to everyone? Well, if not then you need to meet NATE.

NATE is your Business Name, Address, Telephone number, and Email Address.  Ah ha, so you have met NATE before, but did you know that having a consistent NATE across all online platforms helps your business to be found more easily?  So, as I always stress, search your business and see what’s out there.  The slight differences can make your business a little more difficult to be found.  For example 336-555-0123 is not the same as (336)-555-0123.  Neither is 123-B S. Make Believe Lane or 123 South Make Believe Lane #B.

To fix your Name, Address, Telephone number, and Email address you can use a few tools as listed here:

Other items to consider when you are updating NATE is the description and/or bio that is provided to these listing sites.  Make sure that it represents your list of services, accomplishments, and up to date information about your organization.  In addition, you may want to add some of your volunteerism to show your involvement in the community. has recently added a section to the business owners profiles that will allow you to share your volunteer activities so make sure you update that profile as well.

A lot of the free listing sites will allow you to list additional websites.  Most people will overlook their profile websites and only think about the main business entity.  However, you should consider your Facebook Fan pages, especially if you have multiple businesses or groups you are involved in.  For  example:

This is the main fan page that I created for the business to gain fans and spread my message.  I use this page to promote events and keep fans up to date on new happenings, tips, and all things Lady Bizness. This page provides the interesting company image.

This is the page that was originally listed as a community page on Facebook because I listed Lady Bizness, Inc. as my employer.  In the effort of making sure my business had a tangible page, I updated from the default image that Facebook will place for an employer and made sure that people attempting to see about my business wold have an accurate representation that I wanted.  This page also allows me to list my other pages and activities while providing a more static website like image.

This page is a business entity and more service oriented page for Lady Business.  Since I teach Social media development and business branding, this page allow those that want to find out about the blog, tech news, and marketing to deal only with those subjects.  Fans still get the Lady Bizness image, but the message is more focused on specific business issues.

Use these tips and ideas to express your business individuality and get found online.  Make NATE your friend and you will find that when people are really looking for you they will find exactly what they are looking for.

Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media

-Lady Bizness

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