How to get found online!?!

Many people wonder how their businesses can be more accessible to their target audience.  The first thing that people need to consider is where the audience is getting their information from and when do they want the information.  The answer for today’s consumer is usually Google and they want it when “they” want it.  Therefore, today’s business owner needs to consider that the message for your brand and/or company needs to be consistent and available.  In this article we will explore several free ways to “Get Found Online!”


The first thing that I advise all my clients to do is to Google yourself and your company.  This will let you know what information is out there and it gives you the opportunity to correct it and make it current.  Once you have corrected it make your free business listing with Google Places. Since Google is the largest search engine, it only makes sense to be found in Google.

Google Places
Add Your Business for Free

Google will let you know if there is an existing business listed for you based on your phone number.  If there is one that is incorrect then you will want to change it.  If there is no listing, don’t worry about it, but you need to add your listing at this time.  Google will automatically create a map and ask you pertinent questions as they relate to your business.  You can even add a photo and video.


Other free business listing sources are  Manta advises that it “helps small businesses profit, connect and grow through the largest online community dedicated entirely to small business. By joining Manta, small businesses easily harness the power of the Internet.”

Of course Manta does need to monetize its services at some point.  They offer a basic free edition, but have a service charge for their pro accounts.  In addition, Manta does offer a lot of free advice and business marketing tactics in its resources section.  Manta also delivers a complimentary newsletter and site statistics to let you know how many people have visited your site and searched for your business.


For those of you that have a website, you may want to consider using

This site is a Local Business directory that will list your business for free as long as you provide a link back to their site.  This is great for those that are on a budget, but want to have an additional presence. LocalD does advise that using the free option may take 2-4 weeks for your link to show up.  So, mark your social media calendar so that you can follow-up with the link.  LocalD provides the HTML code to use for your site, so just copy and paste.

Link Back

Using the link back option is also a great idea for your favorite sites.  Send an email to your favorite bloggers and independent sites and ask them to link back to your business.  This provides increased ranking for both sites and is mutually beneficial.  If you site gets really popular you can even charge people to be listed on your site.

The following will be a listing of other sites that offer complimentary business listings:









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