Appreciation Marketing

As human beings we all market something.  Whether that be through our grooming, our favorite color, the brands we can’t live without, our nationally, culture, etc.  As business owners we want to get the message out about our business and be represented in the best light to our customers. However, we take appreciation marketing for granted.  The concept of marketing is not lost on us, but often times overlooked.  We can say thank you to our customers verbally, but what is going to make them keep coming back to us?

Well, this blog post is dedicated to Jeff Silverthorne, who is an Independent Distributor for He was able to show me a way to use the technology of the Social Media Concierge with the thoughtfulness and comforting feeling of a tangible card.  This company allows you to never forget a birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc.  This is great for busy entrepreneurs that want to be remembered.  Using this system allows you to choose a card, personalize it, and mail it all from the comfort of your computer.

This technique can be used to send your promotions for sales, coupons, and if you choose, a gift.  For people like myself, I suggest using the system to reward your volunteers, supporters, and donors.   This provides the opportunity to say thank you and let people know that they are valued.
Either way this is a super system for marketing with appreciation and an awesome example of Showing Up & Showing Out!

Yours Truly,

Lady Bizness, Inc.

Here’s a link to a video that I did that you can share with your fellow business owners.



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