To Google or Not to Google…

To  Google or Not to Google…That is the Question.

Google has taken over the world.  There are so many applications published by Google, integrated with Google, and backed by Google that it is astounding.  In my opinion, Google is a valuable source for all businesses, but especially small businesses that are interested in making themselves known.  This post will include some tips that all businesses can use to protect, correct, and project information.

  • Google yourself and your business name.

  1. You may find that there is incorrect or outdated information.
  2. This gives you the opportunity to complete it and correct it.
  3. You can see where your information is located online and who is talking about you and your brand.

  • To protect your information set up Google Alerts ( and put in your personal name and business name.  This way, every time that you or your business is mentioned you will get a notification.  This is good for multiple reasons.

  1. You will see where you information is.
  2. You can gain clients through other publications and sites.
  3. You can send thank you’s to publications that write about you.
  4. You can use good reviews to make a recommendations page on your site and use to show others that your company has a positive image.

  • To project a great image, ask others to write about you. Your company is valuable and you want your image to be portrayed in a positive light.  Therefore make the most of it by sending a bio and background information on the company.

  1. Send a press release.
  2. Let people know about upcoming events that may be of interest to them.
  3. Offer to donate proceeds to an organization.
  4. Co-sponsor with a non-profit organization.
  5. Volunteer to be a speaker or sponsor for an organization or event.
  6. Donate door-prizes and products to worthwhile causes.

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