Gain more Blog Subcribers

Using social media can be a little challenging.  But if you take a little time to search in the applications section of you can find a myriad wonderful tools to enhance your current marketing.  If you have a business then it is imperative that you get a Facebook Fan Page to help you with your promotions of your brand and your blog.

If you do not have a blog then choose a free service to start one.  I use WordPress because I like the features. has made a listing of 40 free Blog sites.  Once you have a blog then syndicate it in Facebook. Go to the Networked Blogs application and have your blog listed.You can then send your information to your friends and groups on Facebook.  You still post your blogs using your same CMS provider. Write your blog as you would normally and post it.  This system will allow people to subscribe through Facebook but more importantly, they can share in Facebook.

Check with you blog Provider to see if they have an application that will allow your postings to automatically update in Facebook and Twitter.  Most do have a plugin that makes the sharing option very easy.

And, let us not forget the simple act of listing your blog in your profile and on your Fan Page.  Make sure that you check not only your Facebook profile, but also any profile that you have on your email service provider and other social media sources.  Google yourself and your business to see what information comes up.  If there is something that is outdated or incorrect make the needed changes.  You can control the information that is out there in cyber-world by editing and putting accurate data into place.  Make sure you list your blog and don’t forget to put http:// in front just to ensure that it shows up as a working link.

Other ideas for getting followers:

  • Simply ask people to join your blog
  • Place the site on your business cards
  • Create postcards to give out functions
  • Post it in your email signature

If you need further help, then I available for a Social Media Audit of your current marketing and I can provide a training class for your employees, organization, or fellow business owners. You can book a session by going to Like My Fan Page Social Media Concierge and The Bizness Branding Series to get updates.  And of course Subscribe to this Blog for business trends, updates, and inspiration.  If you have a topic you are interested in finding out more about then send a request through the contact form at


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