5 Great Tips to Blog Building!

I have been participating in two online events that I created in Facebook; “Like Me and I’ll Like You Back” and “How Tweet it Is”.  Both of these events provide the opportunity for people to gain fans and followers respectively.  I figured; why not apply this same concept to my blog?  I need more followers and in return I can follow more blogs.  So, I want to know what your blog address is and what your blog is about.  You simply reply and post a working link to your blog in the comment section to participate.  I’ll follow your blog and you can follow mine.

Blogs are a great way to promote your business, grow your brand, and also increase your authority online. I want to encourage my followers and readers to share my blog with everyone and to share yours with me.  But first, let me give you a few tips to help you with Blog Building Tips!

1. Write about a topic that is relevant to your business.

*          Engage readers with content that they can comment on.

*          Make sure that the reading is positive.

*          Make links and reference the original article.

2. Network online with others bloggers and invite them to follow you and vice versus.

*          Make comments and participate on others blogs the way you want them to do on yours.

*          Give value to the conversation and be bold enough to ask them to follow you.

3. Link to your blog through your other social media channels.

*          Most blogs will allow you to make a short link of your post that you can easily insert into your status updates.  If the blog doesn’t offer that service try bit.ly and make a short link.

*          Use your contacts that you already have to share the links to your blog.  Have them tell others why they should subscribe.

4. Join groups in other social media categories and share your work there as an administrator.

*          This allows you to make a post on behalf of the group.  If your group has hundreds of members then the potential for gaining new viewers increases dramatically.

*          You can also create your own group that will attract those interested in your business or genre.

5. Use your email as a promoter.

*          Make your signature line a billboard for your blog.  Go into your email and change your signature line to include a link to your blog.  Write something clever that will get people to click on the link.  For instance: If you think this email is great, read my latest blog post!

*          If you have an email service then you can alert subscribers that they have the opportunity to subscribe to your blog or newsletter.

Yours Truly,

Lady Bizness

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