Understanding Social Media Marketing?!

I just finished a class on Blogging that was held by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.  The class was facilitated by Mr. Miguel Gomez, who advised that we should all start small.  He gave examples of http://www.HuffingtonPost.com and http://www.DynamicQuest.com to illustrate the various ways that we can communicate.  What struck me as the WOW moment in class was not his speech, but the questions that the attendees had regarding blogging.  One question stood out in my mind, “What am I going to blog about?”  This one woman was there to gain knowledge, she had a business that has been around for 50 years, but couldn’t figure out what she could write about.  For me, I just figured that this was an easy topic, but I realized that people find challenges in many areas and expressing one’s personal side is one of them.  Mr. Gomez advised that we are the experts in our business.  Therefore, we have a wealth of knowledge about our product that no one else does.

I am a person that is really never at a loss for words, so the idea of not knowing is something that I take on as a personal challenge.  Therefore, I want to challenge all my readers, friends, associates, interns, etc. to ask questions that generate dialogue and can aid in helping others find their passion.  Help people find their “what” to write about.  So, if you could please respond by writing your name, business name, and website, then tell us what you think you would like to blog about.  We can then attach links and provide each person with some help for their business.  What makes your business special, unique, and awesome?

And if you still need more help or want to learn more about marketing your business online, please attend my workshop The Bizness Branding Series:  Understand, Create & Use Social Media Marketing, Thursday, June 30 10am -12 pm at the NC A&T Best Center 1325 South Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC 27406.  Details and Tickets at http://www.LadyBizness.com

http://www.LadyBizness.wordpress.com -Lady Bizness


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