Lady Bizness B.L.O.G.

I was thinking about what a blog meant to me.  And I came up with an acronym that meant something to me and why I want people to join my blog.  So, here it is, the Lady Bizness BLOG means Boldly Living Our Gifts.

I want to encourage being bold in the decisions that we make for our lives and our businesses.  We need to stop settling for the same ol’ thing and make choices that will enable us to move forward with great strides.  Being bold does not mean loud, but it means to have conviction with our bodies, spirits, and relationships.  Tell people how you feel and what you think, but do it with a constructive sense that allows people to feel your enthusiasm and understand your purpose.

Living is taking risks, trying something new, or just going with the flow instead of having a plan.  I know this may seem crazy coming form an event planner, A personality type as myself. However, I have learned that other people have ideas and are valuable only when you let them shine.  Mistakes are made to happen and will be reduced with guidance.  Allow others to show their best efforts and help you so that you can live your life and know there is someone there to catch you.  Delegation is one of the best forms of power.  Letting others have direction and a clear stake in success will allow you free time to live life to the fullest.

Our is a continuation of living, because it places ownership on the group and not just one individual.  I have been able to create great things by myself, but please believe there is a team behind me that gives advice and works to collaborate on ideas.  Our vision is more important that just mine alone.  I take opinions, suggestions, etc. seriously and make sure that Lady Bizness is a group that truly represents an OUR mentality.

Gifts are not just what you get at Christmas time.  They are our God given powers and abilities that allow us to be great.  I think the problem is that some people have not found their gift or some people have too many.  Focusing in on one or two gifts is better than trying to be all to everyone. When we do this we reduce our quality.  Therefore, we have to prioritize the gifts and make them clear to not just ourselves, but to others who want to aid in our dreams.  If we can not articualte the vision then how can we expect someone else to?

I hope that you have gained something from the Lady Bizness BLOG. Encourage yourself daily to be a person that is Boldly Living Our Gifts!

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