Life Savers

Life Savers as we all know are a form of candy.  They come in various flavors and are meant to excite your palate for a little while.  They roll around in your mouth providing sweetness and then when they are gone you can keep moving.  Typically Life Savers are not the type of candy that you just continue to eat repeatedly or crave on a regular basis.

I think that we should take the concept of a Life Saver and apply it to our businesses and relationships.  Some people are the lemons, they are your least favorite, but they are there when you need them.  Then we have the green ones, tasty, but you can forgo them if needed.  However, they are still a part of the pack that keeps things together.  Orange is a little piece of citrus joy, but never seems to compare to the red.  The red is the one that people tend to covet.  The flavor is familiar and comforting and we often hoard our red stash, until it runs out.  But, my favorite has always been the clear taste of the pineapple.  The most exotic of all the fruits and coincidentally favorite fruit in real life.  The pineapple seems to be the one that was the hardest to hold on to because I always did want a second one, but it seemed to be less pineapple in the pack.

The morale of the story is that there are many flavors of Life Savers and they all need to be appreciated for what they are and what they bring to the pack.  Neither is more important than the other except in your mind.  They are equally as good and serve their purpose.  My favorite may be the worst for someone else, but the power to choose and recognize the value is the most important lesson of them all.

-Lady Bizness

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