The Reinvestion of One’s Self

I was in a business developmental class when a speaker exclaimed, “you have everything in your business that you need to make it successful.”  However, we are not using our full potential, contacts, ideas, networking, etc. to the best of our abilities.  The key to this is achievement is that we have the tools, but we may not be using them correctly.  So, I pondered on this subject and wondered what was I doing right and conversely, what was I doing wrong?

I know that I have a strong client base, but am I sending too many messages, not enough, or simply not being as specific as I could be with my marketing tactics? Obviously, if you signed my email list an/or provided your cell phone number you felt my company was worthy of attaining your business and contacting you in the future.

I also think about the marketing avenues that I have chosen to get my message across.  I must say that e though Facebook is a trap for time-wasting, it is also a trap for “money making”  In the last two weeks I have received at least five new clients who have made purchases and want to sign contracts based on information relayed in Facebook.  The clever thing about this is that I had not met any of these people face to face.  They simply liked my product and service offerings based on what they were able to see, hear, and in a way feel.

So, I charge you with reinventing the way you look at your business and the tools that you use to market it.  You already have the tools you need, you simply need to create the owner’s manual to make it as successful as possible.  Lady Bizness is a company that is constantly changing the events we participate in, clients we take, merchandise we promote, and still staying the course on our mission.  We realize that change is inevitable, but we must constantly be in a state of flux to keep up with our own evolution.


-Lady Bizness

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