Lady Bizness like everyone needs a vacation. I just got back from a short week vacation to good old New York City. Going home or to a familiar place is just what the doctor ordered. I think that we get overwhelmed with the expectations that others have for us, but more importantly, the ones we place upon ourselves.

So, my advice is to take time for you in some way, shape, or form. I know its hard to leave that phone alone, and God forbid cut it off! But, that is what I had to do to keep my sanity. Stop allowing people to call you after work hours. Give yourself a cut off time and spend it how “you” want to.

Just know that the world did not fall apart while I was gone. Things were still done and completed on my time, and I was able to release tension just being in a different setting. I would recommend to going to Positive Touch Triad in High Point to get a reflexology treatment or a massage. And, if you are not able to travel then call me up and let me schedule a Spaliday Party for you and your friends. Vacations are not just destinations, they are also states of mind.

-Lady Bizness


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