On February 19, 2011 Lady Bizness hosted the Ladiez Luncheon at Harper’s Restaurant.  The event was attended by a host of wonderful ladiez all seeking motivation and enrichment. 

Out guest speaker was Life Coach Cherri Walston, who spoke about examining and defining our DNA. 

She described DNA as an acronym meaning

Divine. Natural. Ability. 

Cherri continued by advising that we are all of supreme excellence and should not concern ourselves with trying to achieve perfection.  We should be authentically present in our lives and not worry about criticism.  No matter what we have done in the past we should focus our energies on what is true for how we are “today”. 

So I want to pose the questions that Cherri so eloquently posed to the Lady Bizness group…

When is the last time you had a DNA test? A real test of your strength and courage.

What were the results and what does your DNA test say about you? Your perception and others are different.

What are you resisting about your DNA? Change is inevitable.

Once you ponder these questions please post your reply and let us know.  

What you can do to achieve your Divine Natural Ability?

Special thank you to Cherri, Blondie, Jernan, Daesha, Princess, Sydney, Tiffany, and Arryecia, and Tiffany for atteding and making the Ladiez Luncheon a success.


To gain more insight and inspiration purchase Cherri’s Book “Victorius Living For Women”
Buy Victorious Living as a Gift!

-Lady Bizness


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